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Why LifeHash

Do you work with intellectual property, IP rights, sensitive documents, complex supply chain processes or any other data that is worth protecting? LifeHash can help you log and protect your data.
Data Protection
Protect anything
LifeHash can track, save, verify and manage all data immutably.
Data Transfer
Data Freedom
Share your information and data without losing ownership.
Data Control
Your data controlled by you
Your data controlled entirely by you! We cannot see, change or delete data; you are in complete control.
Data Proof
Proof at your fingertips
Need to prove where something has been? Whether it’s company assets or personal location data, LifeHash has you covered.


audit trails

With Bitcoin and IPFS

Modern logistical and manufacturing processes are complex; complicated workflows often expose themselves to unnecessary risk. LifeHash bridges your existing solutions and provides you with personalized, auditable, and transparent business blockchain solutions.

The truth can no longer be doubted!

Take a look at our industry page to see some real examples of how you might use LifeHash.
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LifeHash works hand in hand with major technology partners and connects seamlessly with other enterprise software. Integrating Blockchain technology has never been easier.
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“Blockchain technology is a game changer for data provenance and data ownership”
- Stuart Menzies, CEO & Founder of LifeHash