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Prove ownership of a sound recording
Copyright & IPProving Ownership of a Sound Recording
Some countries have complex copyright procedures whilst in others there are no clear guidelines. So how do you proof you own a sound recording?
Digital art and proving ownership on blockchain
Copyright & IPProving Ownership of Digital Art
This digital revolution has swept everything up in its path as even our most simple pastimes are digitised.
Proof of ownership - Receipt of jewellery purchase
InsuranceProof of Ownership when making an Insurance Claim
Proof of ownership is likely something that you have never given much thought to before and is one of those things that people only really discover when it's too late.
Protect your data with blockchain solutions
Data PrivacyProtect your data with blockchain solutions
We share data with the online world every second of every day. Generally, this data is used to provide services, or improve efficiency. But are you aware of the data you share? How private is it?
Software solutions for managing IP, copyright ad data
Data Privacy4 Ways Software Solutions Can Help You in the Management of Intellectual Property and Data
The way we handle our data matters, given the volume of attacks on intellectual property and data privacy.


Blockchain Revisited

May 11, 2022

3 mins read
Proof of Delivery

Jan 19, 2022

5 mins read
COVID-19 & blockchain solutions

Nov 10, 2021

5 mins read
Proof of Authorship

Nov 10, 2021

5 mins read

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