Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Resources...

are limited, but our resolve is not. We believe that only by focusing on learning to accept responsibility personally and developing sustainably will we collectively make a difference. We will develop meaningful relationships across philanthropic causes to share our successes and help others as we grow. 
 car crash and guy calling insurance company
Car crash and guy calling insurance company

Our Communities...

create solutions, discover truthfulness, provide inspiration, support relationships and foster a positive sense of wellbeing throughout our everyday life. We treasure this human connection and strive to strengthen it. From our children's schools, local towns, religious groups, sports teams, business partners, blockchain networks, or the global community, we belong to them all, and it's our responsibility to nurture them.

Our Earth...

to early explorers must have seemed boundless, wild and unconquerable. However, as civilisation marches on, it seems to shrink and become more vulnerable before our very eyes. Deforestation, pollution, overpopulation, biodiversity loss and climate change all contribute to the challenge we face to save our home planet. As a business on the cutting edge of technology, we must help tackle these issues in every way we can. 
 car crash and guy calling insurance company
Car crash and guy calling insurance company

Our Partnerships...

only strengthen our ability to make a difference. We offer specialised support to integrate blockchain-based solutions for nonprofit organisations and charities and are looking for other tech companies to partner with on this mission. Our systems can be utilised across many use cases, from source verification within supply chains to data protection and distribution. If you have an idea about how we can form a partnership to help charitable causes or if you want to find out more, please get in touch.  

We can support your charity with our technology

Do you want to discuss ways to use our technology for the good of our communities or planet? We'll support your cause, free of charge, if it fits our vision and capacity.

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In our present circumstances, none of us can afford to assume that somebody else will solve our problems; each of us must take his or her own share of universal responsibility. In this way, as the number of concerned, responsible individuals grows, tens, hundreds, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of such people will greatly improve the general atmosphere.
- His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet