We set out to bring digital truth to every person on the planet. That’s why we don’t just make great technological solutions, but we also make sure they tackle specific industry challenges.

LifeHash takes existing time-tested blockchain solutions, such as Bitcoin and DigiByte, and applies them to industry-specific challenges. By doing so, we take innovation straight to your proverbial doorstep. There is no need for complex integrations, legally dubious token systems, or specific blockchain industry knowledge.

blockchain solution in insurance


The insurance industry is changing rapidly, and age-old challenges require new solutions. Fraud is a vast challenge for the industry, but innovation can provide the answer. Fraud detection and prevention are key to improving efficiency and in changing how you bring value to customers.
blockchain solution for the logistics industry

Supply Chain

Imagine you’re a global supplier in FMCG, health, cosmetics or luxury products and you want to provide your customers with specific details about the authenticity of your products and supply chain history.

With LifeHash, you can protect the entire life of your product, from its inception to delivery. The result?: A decrease in fraudulent products and Increased consumer confidence through transparency and product authenticity.
blockchain solution for the logistics industry
blockchain solution for legal and law industry

Facility management

Have you ever wondered if there is a better way to store your business-critical data? Every data point during the purchase, maintenance, and repair of an asset is an essential record of proof of work. You rely on this data for accountability and proper process management. The smallest loss, theft or corruption of data can be catastrophic. With LifeHash, you can secure your entire audit-trail of inspections and repairs.

Working on facility management and inspection with modern software

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LifeHash works hand in hand with technology partners and connects seamlessly with other enterprise software. Integrating Blockchain technology has never been easier.
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Blockchain technology will innovate business models across all industries. By promoting mutual transparency and leveraging the blockchain's immutability, companies can think about new pricing models and improve operational efficiency and transparency.
- Vincent Maliepaard, Marketing Director, LifeHash