Facility Management

How secure is your proof?

Through the acquisition, maintenance and repair of an asset, every data point entered on a maintenance management software solution is a critical record of proof of work.

And, now more than ever, facility managers rely on accessible, secure and trustworthy data to back them up when it matters. 
Data storage is a universal concern to customers worldwide. Do you trust centralised servers to hold their invaluable information gained from costly maintenance and safety inspections carried out through the assets' lifecycle? Especially when loss, theft or corruption of data can be catastrophic when things go wrong. 

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Car crash and guy calling insurance company

A single source of shared truth

At LifeHash, we believe that the truth should be available to everyone, not through convoluted processes or as a result of civil investigations but literally at everybody's fingertips. One can question the integrity and accountability of traditional centralised servers as data can't be compared without access. In contrast, as a decentralised, distributed, public ledger, blockchain ensures the truth is accessible across the industry and beyond. 

Protect and Own your Data

With a Facility Management System that records data on Lifehash , there is greater transparency, trust and immutability. You completely own and control the data, but you can also transparently share it without sacrificing security. This allows you to share fully transparent audit-trails efficiently and securely. Furthermore, data stored on LifeHash is incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to corrupt due to its encryption, distribution and requirement of a consensus. 
 car crash and guy calling insurance company
Car crash and guy calling insurance company

LifeHash Solutions In Facility Management

As the use of IoT increases, data creation is surging upward at an incredible pace, and Facility Management reflects this. Innovative solutions need to be put in place now to insure yourself for the future. The team at LifeHash will work with you to create a custom API tailored to your standards as a bolt on to your CMMS / FM software. The data you harvest will be committed, at source, to a blockchain, ensuring that you and everybody else can rely on a single source of truth. 

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