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Digital transformation has blasted through our society at amazing speeds.

Innovation is not only necessary to remain on-top for the next decade, it’s what customers expect right now. Mobile applications, productivity solutions, artificial intelligence, analytics and blockchain are all technologies that are reshaping the way we do business.

The insurance industry is at the center of this disruption, it’s changing around us rapidly, and age-old challenges require new solutions.

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Car crash and guy calling insurance company

A constant fight against fraud

A major challenge in the insurance industry is fraud. This challenge is so common in fact, that it accounted for 55.000 claims (2018), worth over 600 million pounds, in the UK car industry alone.

We believe that innovation can eliminate the majority of fraud. By investing in insurtech that fights and deters fraud you can not only become more profitable but also create a better customer experience in the process.

Blockchain solutions in insurance

Most of us have probably heard about blockchain technology. The decentralized ledger technology, most known in the form of Bitcoin, has captivated the tech industry for years. And for just as long, companies have been looking at ways to incorporate the technology into their organization.

According to Deloitte, 90% of executives believe that blockchain technology will play a meaningful role in their organization. However, many find it hard to apply the technology.

We take existing time-tested blockchain solutions, such as Bitcoin and DigiByte, and apply it to industry specific challenges. By doing so, we take innovation straight to your proverbial doorstep. There is no need for complex integrations, legally dubious token systems or specific knowledge.
 car crash and guy calling insurance company
Car crash and guy calling insurance company

Transform your claims process

The problem of fraudand the demand by customers for greater transparency and higher standards thanever before is ripening the insurance industry for a technological revolution.

Increase transparency, eliminate costlylayers of overhead and prevent fraud with our claims management solution.
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