Create a mutually trusted version of the truth

LifeHash’s insurtech solution provides what people are looking for an objective version of the truth that both insurers and consumers can fall back on. The significant benefit of a solution like this is that BOTH consumers and providers can be confident the recorded information is true and correct.
As customers worldwide demand greater transparency and higher standards than ever before, trust has never been harder to earn or easier to lose. We must first realise that consumer trust in insurers is severely lacking. While that may not immediately impact the functional nature of an insurance situation, satisfied customers are more loyal and recommend you to others.

LifeHash has a key role in some of the critical moments in the insurance journey

Software code
Improve transparency
Prevent Fraud
Enhance customer experience

Benefits for customers

Proving they own the item without proof of purchase

Optimised claim process increases  reporting speed

Claims settled faster without lengthy investigations

Benefits for insurers

Improved incident reporting reduces staff cost

Definitive item condition and proof of ownership allows accurate comparison

Single source of truth combats fraud

Secure claim facts & evidence faster


Car insurance solution with blockchain

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