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Can you prove authorship?

An answer to IP theft is here

Plagiarism and counterfeiting are age-old problems faced by designers, architects, composers, authors or anyone involved in producing an original concept or design. 

For years creators have asked themselves, “How can I keep my intellectual property from being stolen, and how can I prove ownership of my work?” The answer to these questions that you have been searching for is finally here.

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Car crash and guy calling insurance company

A different approach

The opening of new large commercial markets has increased marketing possibilities but also increased exposure of IP to illegal usage, ultimately resulting in a loss of revenue for the original creators or owners. Intellectual property theft is estimated to account for between 1% and 3% of the national GDP in the U.S. alone and attempts to stop it remain ineffective. 

At LifeHash we approach problems from a different direction. We aim to take the value out of counterfeiting and plagiarism by giving creators the ability to indisputably prove ownership in the blink of an eye.  

Digital proof for a digital world

In a digital-first world, it's often easy to illegally obtain intellectual property, whereas conversely, it's difficult to prove ownership. Copyright and IP laws are there to protect you, but with the average cost of a patent lawsuit running at $3 million, the demand for more effective protection has never been greater. 

In this digital world, we need digital proof.
 car crash and guy calling insurance company
Car crash and guy calling insurance company

Your Blockchain, Your LifeHash

Creators have had to rely on a promise regarding ownership, authenticity, and provenance of digital work for too long. 

Blockchain technology offers something special when it comes to digital proof. The core purpose of blockchain is as a decentralised ledger of data that can’t be changed thanks to the unique way it’s hashed. It not only protects your data but creates an indisputable record that you made it. 

By uploading your work to your own blockchain with LifeHash you can prove its creation, provenance, and authenticity instantly, making the problem of proof of ownership a thing of the past. 

LifeHash uses this capability to provide copyright and IP solutions to both large organisations and individual artists. We even apply it in the insurance industry to prove ownership of specific items for claims purposes.

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