Supply Chain

Can you prove the origin?

A significant and consequential shift is happening in the consumer market.

Buyers are becoming increasingly conscious about what they buy, and interest has surged in product sustainability, provenance, and safety. As a result, there is a higher standard expected of the businesses that supply their food, clothes, drinks, cosmetics and even medicine. 

While some may view this unprecedented level of accountability as a challenge, we see it is an opportunity to make change.

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Improve transparency & build brand value

Research showing an increased demand and a willingness of consumers to pay a premium for ethical products is driving many businesses to redouble their efforts on social and environmental responsibility. 

At its core, however, consumer confidence is about trust. For a long time, companies have eroded this trust by making promises that just haven't held up under scrutiny. Whether it's organically grown food, European sourced raw materials, or fair labour, customers want proof that you are as good as your word. 

We believe that herein lies the opportunity, end user verification not only provides accountability but also ensures brand protection and authentication.

Blockchain solutions in supply chain

Blockchain, the decentralized ledger technology best known in the form of Bitcoin, has captivated the tech industry for years. And for just as long, companies have been looking at ways to incorporate the technology into their organization.

According to Deloitte, 90% of executives believe that blockchain technology will play a meaningful role in their organization. Still, most will admit to finding it challenging to apply the technology.

Blockchain can provide what the industry needs precisely due to its ability to record data forever and share it worldwide without relying on third parties. Thanks to this, we can develop a supply chain reinforced with absolute proof of authenticity and proof of origin. This means you check and prove every step of your logistics process, and share this information with your customers.
 car crash and guy calling insurance company

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