What is DigiByte?

DigiByte is a highly-decentralized public UTXO blockchain that offers users a broad variety of applications including currency, data storage, and identity verification and protection.

The longest of all UTXO blockchains, DigiByte enjoys a broad network consisting of more than 200,000 downloaded nodes worldwide and tens of thousands of active nodes. This enables DigiByte to be highly secure with high-speed block creation and excellent transaction speed capabilities. Creating blocks every 15 seconds, DigiByte’s block mining speed is 40 times faster than Bitcoin, for example. This is especially suitable for applications that require a fast transaction time.

Smart contracts & Dapps

Similar to Bitcoin, the DigiByte network is maintained by a large decentralized group. This is a community that is united in its mission to maintain true decentralization and to overcome many of the challenges faced in the quest to further spread the economic and societal influence of cryptocurrency and unleash the full potential of distributed ledger technology. Whilst Bitcoin offers the best-of-class security, DigiByte offers more capabilities in terms of transaction speed and smart contract capabilities.

Why we use DigiByte

The DigiByte network stands out because of it’s mix of capacity, security, and decentralization. Where Bitcoin is undoubtedly the king when it comes to security, DigiByte offers speed. The blockchain network that has a long history of security focused innovation, whilst at the same time ensuring scalability. In a lot of cases speed is of the essence, and DigiByte can provide this.

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